referrals, appointments, walk-ins

Referrals may originate from Physicians, Clergy, Schools, Family Members, Employers, EAP Representatives or Social Workers, by calling 1.800.593.9222 (Springfield) / 1.800.800.5504 (Worcester).

To make an appointment, call our offices Monday through Friday between 9am and 5pm. Phone numbers appear to the left. Evening and Saturday appointments are available. For English speaking adults wishing to begin therapy as soon as possible, there are orientation groups which allow for quick assignment—please call or email for more information.
Walk in Clinic hours are Tuesday, 8am to 12pm and Thursday, 10am to 2pm—at both locations.


The clinic participates in Medicaid and other health insurance plans. We can also help you submit your claims. Please see our resources section if you are in need of health insurance.

accessing services

Recognizing that many clients are unable to consistently access clinic-based appointments due to any number of issues, we offer service delivery where it is needed.