Valley Psychiatric Service founder/owner, Aaron Leavitt, MD, JD, has been practicing psychiatry in greater Western Massachusetts for over 30 years. His areas of expertise include crisis intervention, risk management, medication management, mood disorders, family, and geriatric psychiatry. Dr. Leavitt also holds a law degree from Western New England Law School and has experience in forensic psychiatry.

professional staff

Our clinical staff is comprised of: Licensed Social Workers, Licensed Mental Health Counselors, other Masters Level Therapists, Psychologists, Clinical Nurse Specialists and Psychiatrists. They work closely together in a collaborative treatment model.

client care philosophy

Valley Psychiatric Service provides comprehensive, high quality care to a broad range of individuals and their families. Our clinical staff is comprised of skilled mental health professionals who utilize the most current and proven methods of intervention within a coordinated team approach. The staff members of Valley Psychiatric Service are sensitive to matters of cultural and individual difference. Our clinicians are trained to provide treatment that recognizes the importance of these issues. We are proud that the staff of Valley Psychiatric exhibits the professionalism, honesty, and integrity to carry out this philosophy.